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We catalog the experience of CEOs, founders, and entrepreneurs in the outdoor, fitness, and wellness industry. All of them have a story to tell. This podcast focuses on a different kind of adventure.
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Sep 27, 2022

Building a business you’re passionate about can be the source of your joy. Or it can cause stress, frustration, and sleepless nights.

More often than not, it’s a mix of both. 

Taking the easy route is easy, but it never results in happiness, business success, and a life of meaning. 

In this episode, you’ll discover how to create a business you’re passionate about (without worrying on the weekends about customers).

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Show Highlights:

  • How to cut out money-sucking middleman by calling on the farmers (4:14)
  • The case against mass producing products (and why quality will suffer if you mass produce) (12:35)
  • Launch two highly profitable products by stocking up on oshitaba plants (12:59)
  • How to leverage “distributors” to make fulfillment of products cheaper, quicker, easier, and more efficient (14:53)
  • How to charge more than your competitors by crafting an effective “value proposition” (without losing any customers) (15:38)
  • The dangers of partnering with “less-than-ethical” manufacturing plants that will leave you morally bankrupt (17:13)
Sep 20, 2022

CBD brands have to play business on “hard mode” when it comes to advertising their products. .Facebook and Google are quick to drop the ban hammer on your ad accounts. And at the push of a button, you lose access to all your customers. 

If you get banned, how would you market your products? 

Imagine not being able to keep the lights on, do payroll, or be forced to give up on your passion because of some big tech giants from Silicon Valley.

Luckily, Dennis Mistrioty, Co-Founder of Batch CBD, will show you 5 “underground” ways you can market your CBD products – even if you’ve been censored by Facebook and Google.

In this episode, you’ll discover a “cookie-cutter” approach to reduce costs and attract more of your dream buyers. And Dennis reveals  a practical way to “accidentally” build up a loyal army of farmers – and generate an unbreakable supply chain.

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Show Highlights:

  • The “cookie-cutter” approach to reduce costs and attract more dream buyers (1:47)
  • Here’s a practical and attainable first step into the world of business (even if you have no money to start) (3:12)
  • How to build a moat around your business by becoming an “intellectual leader” in your market (even if you’re not an expert) (5:05)
  • How to accidentally build up a loyal army of farmers (and generate an unbreakable supply chain) (6:00)
  • Why being banned from Facebook and Google forces you to become more creative (and come out on top because of it) (9:08)
  • 5 “underground” ways to market your CBD products (even if you’ve been censored by Facebook and Google) (9:37)
  • The sneaky way you can spy on the competition, steal their ideas, and make boatloads of profit (12:16)
  • How sales and trust in your brand skyrocket after showing your customers your farm (17:55)
Sep 13, 2022

Trying to compete with the big guys is tough. Well established brands have a lot of capital, raving fans, and unfair competitive advantages. 

So how can you compete with Snapple and Gatorade?

Today’s guest, Ted Volz, founder of Clean Energy, reveals the secret to launching a wildly profitable and competitive business (even in cutthroat industries).

In this episode, you’ll discover a bizarre way you can create any product by reading the back of a juicebox. And 3 “cold” strategies to find your ideal buyers – even if you have no pre-existing connections.

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Show highlights:

  • The bizarre way you can launch a successful product by reading the back of a juicebox (1:57)
  • How to lengthen the shelf-life of your perishable products by up to 12 months by using 2 little-known hacks (without using nasty chemicals) (8:06)
  • 2 “obvious” online avenues you can use to rapidly grow and expand your brand (9:07)
  • How to find the most profitable sub-niche in your market by targeting “Division 1 Athletes” (9:19)
  • 3 “cold” strategies to market your products to your dream buyers (even if you have no pre-existing connections) (10:05)
  • The 100% legal method to leverage the media to sell your products (10:33)
  • How to create a multi-million dollar empire by making smoothies with your kids (10:45)
Sep 6, 2022

Marketing is tough, time-consuming, and expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. This applies even more to groundbreaking products at the forefront of innovation. Look at Apple - they struggled for decades before they dominated their market.

So how can you create an effective marketing campaign if no one knows about your product?

Today’s guest, Ryan Tolbert, discovered 5 “older style” advertising methods to penetrate any market by selling skin tone bandages. 

Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • The “leveraged” way to automate your e-commerce orders (without spending a penny on an expensive 100,000 foot warehouse) (4:52)
  • How to wildly scale your revenue by taking advantage of alien industries (7:04)
  • How tapping into the “bright pink bandage” method instantly separates you from your competitors (9:17) 
  • The “bleeding-edge hurdle” that could leave your business strapped for cash (10:29)
  • 5 ancient advertising strategies that skyrocket your revenue, positioning, and brand awareness (12:13)
  • How to create a loyal customer base that will gobble up all your products (16:25)
Aug 30, 2022

Every entrepreneur wants success. It’s a long, hard, and lonely road being a business owner. It could take years before all of your hard work is finally paid off. 

But what if you went through all that hardship because you didn’t focus on the fundamentals?

Today’s guest, Austin Roberts from LogOX, reveals the fundamentals of running a highly profitable e-commerce store. 

In this episode, you’ll discover how to find “complementary” businesses and unlock hidden sources of revenue with only a napkin.

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Show highlights include:

  • How the Socratic paradox makes your customers happy to pay more for your products (00:37)
  • How to come up with a million profitable business ideas by making your father’s life easier (9:12)
  • The sneaky way to discover “complimentary” businesses to dominate your marketplace (9:40)
  • The 3-step business model that’s so simple you could fit it on a napkin (and ensure success every single time) (12:23)
  • Why Udemy will grow your business more than hiring thousand dollar an hour consultants (15:30)
  • How to leverage snarky YouTube comments to explode your revenue (16:44)
  • The “Network Effect” for gathering all the market research and customer feedback (without spending a dime on paid ads) (19:23)
Jul 26, 2022

As lovers of the great outdoors, our enjoyment comes from nature. It’s only logical to run a sustainable business, so the next generation can enjoy the same lifestyle.

But if you’re running an apparel brand, being sustainable is almost impossible! Sustainable packaging and materials are either  non-existent, hard to source, or expensive. 

That hasn’t stopped our guest Stephen Weisbuch. His apparel company, The Recycled Planet, has taken this ethos of sustainability to the extreme. They use exclusively recycled, repurposed or sustainable materials — no matter how expensive it makes his jackets. 

Now, if you’re running your business to make a living, I’m not saying you have to go broke in the name of sustainability. 

In fact, in this episode, you’ll discover a variety of tricks for making your brand sustainable (without sacrificing your bottom line). 

Listen now. 

Show highlights include:

  • The “brand blender” method which reveals untapped opportunities (even if your market is saturated) (0:31) 
  • Why US consumers like buying eco-damaging clothes (and how to buck the trend with your sustainable brand) (4:50) 
  • Why hosting your business on Shopify reduces carbon emissions (8:20) 
  • How to reduce landfill pollution by avoiding recycled packaging (8:34)
Jul 19, 2022

There’s no right or wrong way to live. But let’s be honest: you didn’t grow up wanting to work in a confined space 40 hours a week, did you?

It’s why we need hobbies on the side. 

Travel, hiking, boating… These passions turn a mere existence into a life worth living. 

But what if you could turn your “side hobby” into a business? Instead of hitting snooze 5x before you wake up, you’d spring out of bed, ready to seize the day. 

Today’s guest, Mike Goldfarb, founder of Bhanti, reveals the secret for transforming your side hobby into a money-making machine. 

In this episode, you’ll discover how following your passion (and listening closely to the market) can turn the activity you love into the activity that brings you money.  

Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • Why changing one letter in your brand’s name could increase your traffic from Google (12:39) 
  • The lazy man’s way to uncovering blockbuster products (without running surveys or stalking your competitors) (13:19) 
  • Why intensive market research is a waste of time in the 2020’s (and how to boost your chances of success by “throwing spaghetti at a wall”)(17:16) 
  • The “indirect to consumer” pivot that lets your brand turn a profit (even as advertising costs continue to climb) (18:05) 
  • How to guarantee demand for your ecom product before wasting money on a 500-unit minimum order (without running a pre-sale offer, or barely-legal “smoke test”) (18:39)
May 24, 2022

The supplement business is cut-throat. If you can’t stand out from the competition, your business will look like everyone else’s and be ignored.  

But if you find a gap in the market, you’ll enter a league of your own. With no direct competitors, it’s like having a license to print money. 

Today’s guest Sarah Whyte got her start formulating supplements for other companies. Now she’s broken into the health market with her own brand, Bloat No More. She found a gap in the competition, and she’ll show you how to do the same. 

In this episode, you’ll discover how to stand out from the competition, grow your revenue, and retain your customers for longer. 

Listen now!

Show highlights include:


  • The 3-step method that sets you apart from the competition and lets you increase your average order value (2:54) 
  • How to make hyper-personalized product recommendations that boost your conversion rate (without hiring a sales team) (3:48) 
  • The “shotgun” paid ads method that gets you a high ROAS (even if you don’t do audience testing) (5:49) 
  • Why adding one new payment option could eliminate your stock management worries for good (11:32)


May 10, 2022

Bootstrapping can be great: you get to control every part of your business and choose your lifestyle. 

But if you waste precious time on mundane tasks because you don’t have the funding, then bootstrapping becomes a cage. 

Today’s guest is Hailey Swartz, co-CEO of Actual Veggies. They started out washing and reusing their competitor’s packaging because they couldn’t afford their own. 

But in this episode, you’ll hear how she took on VC funding, and how you can use it to achieve greatness: like filling the shelves of grocery stores nationwide. 

In this wide-ranging discussion, you’ll discover how to combine bootstrap philosophy with venture capital - so you can live that free lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. 

Listen now! 

Show highlights include:


  • Why 10k from Sequoia Capital is better for your business than $1M from some no-name investor (5:07)  


  • Why raising capital from dozens of VCs gives you a competitive advantage (even if it takes more time to raise the money) (6:07) 
  • The multi-channel outreach method that almost guarantees your product lands on retail shelves (8:02) 
  • Why going D2C spells disaster for your profit margins (even though you’re cutting out the middleman) (9:39) 
  • The “in store activation” method that lets you run profitable advertising campaigns without spending thousands on data analytics (10:28) 
  • How to turn your next idea into a hit product without insider knowledge or a product development team (13:00)
May 3, 2022

If you’ve ever dreamt of building a million-dollar ecommerce business, the following might scare you:  out of $1 million, most ecom businesses take home only $50k in profit. That’s less than a truck driver’s wages!  

But there’s a small group of entrepreneurs that take home a much bigger chunk of the sales. Today’s guest Jeremy Lux of lifestyle brand Illumine Collect is a prime example. He gives away 20% of Illumine Collect’s revenue to charity, and still has enough profit to go around. 

In this episode, you’ll discover strategies that give you fat profit margins, so you can give more, live a free lifestyle or buy your dream car. 

Listen now and discover strategies that give you a fat profit margin without blowing all your money on expenses. 

Show highlights include:

  • Build a rock solid foundation of revenue by staying in tune with your inner “ratty kid” (2:00) 
  • How old-school brick and mortar business owners can give you a headstart in a cutting-edge digital business (6:35)
  • How to raise brand awareness without dropping a dime on ads or paying out influencers (11:24) 
  • The dead simple email marketing strategy that lets you build an engaged following by posting once a month (and make more money than annoying weekly newsletters) (13:10)
Apr 12, 2022

Turning your passion into your business sounds great.  

But you know what usually ends up happening? You get so caught up in your passion that you ignore what your market needs. So you barely turn a profit, you get burned out and you give up. 

So why not do the opposite? You start with a passion for entrepreneurship. You find a lucrative opportunity, you learn about the business, and then you develop that passion. 

That's what today's guest Jacob Durham did with NOMATIC. 

In this episode, you'll discover the importance of curiosity and a bigger vision when it comes to your long-term happiness. You'll also find out how to launch and scale your business through Kickstarter and product development. 

Listen now! 

Show highlights include:

  • How to launch a market-defining product even if you’ve only got an idea, time and $200 (2:56) 
  • The Kickstarter blueprint that practically guarantees your success (even if you’ve got no product idea yet) (8:43) 
  • Compete in a cutthroat market with rookie marketing skills by applying the “never settle” principle (10:39) 
  • The Facebook secret that takes your Kickstarter campaign from $3500 a week to $8000 a day (13:17) 
  • How to create an unforgettable brand story that sells (even if your product is a commodity anyone anyone can find on Amazon) (17:43) 
  • Apply the “Chinese New Year” rule to find manufacturers who will never leave you out of stock (19:39) 
  • The “survival of the fittest” principle that creates market dominating products (22:47) 
  • Why sharing your trade secrets with your competitors makes you a more successful businessperson (25:51) 
  • How to stay passionate about your business for the next decade by focusing on your “why” (26:18)
Apr 5, 2022

Most big brands start with a big idea. But when you’re establishing your business, thinking too big holds you back and turns into procrastination. 

Your business success could start as simply as an idea for better ski gear and a factory in some guy’s garage. 

At least that’s how it was for Chris Pew of TREW Gear. Chris is here to tell you the story of how to build your business from an idea to a successful brand. 

In this episode you'll discover how to build a lucrative business from scratch with nothing but a simple idea and some courage. 

Listen now! 

Show highlights include:

  • The “Frankenstein's monster” method that lets you design a killer product without any experience (5:21) 
  • How to find your first production factory, even if you think everybody will knock you back because you are too small (7:10) 
  • Why the fastest way to develop a high-selling product is to drive across country for weeks on end (9:31) 
  • The “hot, medium, mild” strategy that will have retailers begging to put your apparel line in their store window (11:23) 
  • Create a cult following around your brand by pivoting into a 21st century retail model (12:18) 
  • Sell to your online store’s “on the fence” customers by telling them about the “living room dressing room” (20:57)
Mar 29, 2022

Life as a bootstrapper can be tough. You don't have the luxury to hire extra team members.  And you can't pour money into marketing like the bigger brands. 

But with the right mindset your small size becomes an advantage that lets you run rings around your competition. 

In today’s episode, you’ll meet Priority Bicycles’ co-founder, Connor Swegle. Along with his co-founder, Connor made Priority Bicycles one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns in history and turned his passion into his job. 

In this episode you will discover how to turn your bootstrapper status into an advantage and carve out a lucrative niche in your market. 

Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • Why bootstrapping lets you run rings around your VC-funded competition when a hot new trend appears (10:17)
  • The “fearless storyteller” method that convinces manufacturers to produce your product even if you can't guarantee them sales (12:36) 
  • Why one-day traffic spikes make the cash register ring (even if you don’t make any sales) (14:23)
  • The “reckless” launch strategy that lets you make more sales in the off-season without sacrificing profits in the peak season (20:22)
  • Why barely planning makes you more profit than a detailed 5 year plan (31:42)
Mar 22, 2022

A common dream amongst entrepreneurs is to create a brand so big it defines a culture. 

These brands start from passionately serving a niche community. But if you’re not careful, money gets in the way and you lose sight of your purpose. 

So, how do you prevent it? 

By remembering that your business is not your identity. By detaching yourself from the results, even when your competitors overtake you. And by learning from someone who’s done it before. 

Like today's guest Dan Abrams. He started Flylow to serve the backcountry skiing community. Even as Flylow expands into new markets, they never stray too far from their roots. 

In this episode, you’ll discover how to build a brand so big it defines a culture, while staying true to your roots. 

Listen now! 

Show highlights include:

  • How “divorcing your brand” helps you sleep better at night and stay level headed when leading your business (5:26) 
  • How grassroots marketing lets you dominate multinational brands (even if you can barely scrape together a dollar for advertising)  (17:30)
  • Why the dorky teenage cashier down the street makes your brand more sales than a well-polished ad campaign ever will… if you have a good brand story (25:43) 
  • Why paying big bucks to celebrity athletes sabotages your sales and damages your brand (and who to work with instead) (32:59) 
  • The “sun and shoes” method that makes critical decisions easier even if you’re stressed out of your mind (46:47)
Mar 15, 2022

There’s a nasty trap that plagues today’s entrepreneurs. 

They think all you have to do is build a better product and the customers will form a line. But if you go into business with that attitude, all you’ll do is burn a bunch of money without making a sale. 

Even if you’ve got a great product, you still need to find your customers. Which can seem like an uphill battle, so it helps if you learn from someone who’s done it before. 

Someone like today’s guest Travis Merrigan of Grayl. Grayl’s bigger message is doing good, helping people and driving to make the world a better place, any way they can. They’re doing good, and they’re doing well financially too! 

In this episode, you’ll discover how to find consumers for your product, how to attract superstar team members,  and how to change the world through your business. 

Listen now! 

Show highlights include:


  • How to “kickstart” your business by getting paying customers before you build your product (8:07) 
  • Why a great brand story lets you hire top level talent on a tight budget (9:23) 
  • How to get your next product idea: all you need is a problem, a child’s toy and a bike pump (16:55)
  • How you can save the planet with your business (even if all you do is run the local corner store)  (32:04)
  • Why paying your employees to work for someone else lets you attract top-level talent to your business (44:29)
  • How to turn your business into a perpetual motion machine that keeps growing no matter how much money you give away (48:44)
Mar 8, 2022

In business it’s important to play to your strengths. So if you’re a manufacturer, keep manufacturing. If you’re a marketer, keep marketing. 

But playing it too safe can blind you to a big opportunity for decades. If you step outside of your comfort zone, you could be bound for a big payday. 

That was the case for Devil-Dog Dungarees. The company had been manufacturing apparel for other brands since 1927. But now, Devil-Dog is on track to become the next Levi’s. 

In this episode, you’ll meet our guests Sean Connelly and Stephanie Newman.  They’ll show you why pivoting unlocks explosive growth. You’ll discover insider tips for growing your brand (or even starting it from scratch). 

Listen now! 

Show highlights include:

  • Why a close relationship with your supplier lets you scale your “best sellers” faster (10:21) 
  • A simple, obvious (but rarely done) way to guarantee repeat business (16:31) 
  • How to add “sustainable” features to your product without sacrificing profit (21:27)
  • The “dirty hands” secret that lets you start a successful business (even if you don’t have any idea how to start) (25:55) 
  • How showing your product to retailers gets you more sales (even if they never buy it) (27:39) 
  • How to get an “emerging brand” award even if your brand has existed for years (29:48) 
  • Get free marketing with an almost undetectable addition to your product (30:38)
Mar 1, 2022

Sure, making money is great. But what if you could use your business to change the world? 

I’m not talking about cheap tricks like “we donate 1% of profits to charity”. 

I’m talking about real changes you can see, like saving the rainforests, sheltering the homeless, and feeding the hungry… all while maintaining a healthy profit. 

It’s possible. And today’s guest Philip Freeman is here to show you how. He’s the founder of Murphy’s Naturals, an outdoor lifestyle brand and certified B Corp. 

In this episode, you’ll discover how to put more money in your pocket, while making a lasting positive impact on the world. 

Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • How generating terrible business ideas  sets you up for success (even if you abandon them) (3:09) 
  • Why walking down the drinks aisle at the supermarket lets you launch your business without fear of competition (4:21) 
  • Why caring husbands create more successful businesses (and how you can get an edge, even if you’re a bachelor) (6:20) 
  • How a clear mission statement lets you attract better employees, do more good, and enjoy more time outdoors (14:53) 
  • The 3 P’s that let you save the planet while still making a profit (19:19) 
  • A little-known way to attract superstar employees (without ever advertising) (27:30)
Feb 22, 2022

Our lives are full of “first world problems”. It’s annoying to tie your shoes… you ran out of milk… your drink is a little too warm… 

You might think they’re meaningless… but what if you could turn these “first world problems” into a business that sets you up for life? 

Chris Gronkowski did exactly that after taking an NFL “first world problem” and turning it into The Ice Shaker. 

In this episode, he’s here to show you how to get Ice-Shaker success, even if you aren’t an NFL celebrity. 

If you’re looking to launch a new business or get recognized by VCs, you can’t miss this episode. 

Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • How to take a “leaky tap” problem and turn it into a firehose of profit (3:44) 
  • How to bring your first prototype to life while spending almost $0 in R&D (5:26)
  • The simple strategy that gets your business idea a “yes” from all 5 Sharks (or any venture capitalist) (6:15) 
  • How to get massive growth by riding the next social media wave (without dying a sudden death at the next algorithm update) (7:50) 
  • Why skipping business school gives you a competitive advantage MBA graduates could only dream of (12:01) 
  • Why hiring “trustworthy” employees is holding your business back, and letting “unknowns” take the wheel will unlock new levels of growth (13:06)
  • The 3 business characteristics that will have wealthy businessmen fighting each other to acquire your company (14:23) 
  • Why businesses are incentivizing their employees to stab them in the back (and how to make them bring you profits while you sleep) (15:14) 
  • How to bring an underperforming team member back into line without a “disciplinary meeting”, HR department… or even saying a word! (21:04)
Feb 8, 2022

You’ve probably taken vitamin, protein or magnesium supplements before. Those are great for your health, but there’s an invisible aspect of our health most people ignore: Our gut biome. 

The trillions of bacteria in your body control more of how we feel, think and perform than most of us know. 

When your gut biome is unhealthy, you might gain weight, feel stressed or get sugar cravings. When you fix your gut biome, you’ll have more energy, feel healthier and watch health issues disappear. 

In this episode, you’ll hear from Jonathan Scheiman and Carolina Barsa, two of the founders of FitBiomics. They developed Nella, a game-changing probiotic designed to improve your gut health and help you perform your best. 

They’ll share why probiotics are so important—and how you can improve your gut health to unleash your full potential. 

Want to improve your performance every day? Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • Why the gut biome was a “hidden” part of our health for decades (and how that’s changing) (7:37)
  • The two principles of gut health that help everyone from elite athletes to everyday people be their best selves every day. (22:24)
  • The Tom Hanks movie that shows you exactly how to overcome your biggest challenges. (27:05)
  • Why probiotics aren’t a magic pill that solves all your problems (and how to create a holistic healthy lifestyle) (29:43)
Oct 5, 2021

Matt sits down with Hestra US Marketing Manager Drew Eakins. Hestra is a family-owned glove manufacturer that has helped define what makes a high-quality performance glove.

It’s no secret that Hestra is considered one of the bigger players in the world of outdoor sports. With being in business for over a century, it’s safe to say they’ve left a serious mark, especially with snow sports (which has been their bread and butter since almost the beginning). However, despite being a recognizable brand you might not realize just where they fit in the tapestry of the outdoor sports industry (and at this point fashion too...really anything glove related). For instance, did you know that Hestra is run by 2 of the 100 true master certified glove cutters in the world (which is a skill that’s dying out… chances are you might not have even realized that there was a glove cutting profession). Not only is Hestra a company built on rich tradition but, they’ve managed to still push forward and both develop and integrate new technology, paving the way for the technical gloves.

In this episode of Built On Passion Drew Eakins shares a glimpse into Hestra’s rich history, a peek behind the curtain of what goes into Hestra’s R & D, and the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind Hestra

Sep 28, 2021

​​Matt sits down with Dynamite Starfish founder Leslie Kim. Dynamite Starfish makes climbing apparel with climbing culture-inspired designs to fill in some of the blanks in the culture of the climbing community.

Leslie has been a longtime designer, in her career and just as a personal passion. Between her visual art and her many (MANY) hobbies, she’s had a chance to see what kind of culture exists within all the circles she became a part of. As she got into climbing, she felt a SERIOUS sense of community and culture but didn't feel there was a lot of apparel that shines the spotlight on what climbing is REALLY about. I mean, how does one represent the entire zeitgeist of an activity that is built around close-knit communities that are propping up a sport? Well, Leslie found a way. 

There are so many tropes, cliches, and inside jokes embedded in the culture of climbing that every climber is familiar with whether they realize it or not. Leslie aims to take those commonalities and use them to help strengthen a community and make more space for fun. Climbing culture extends beyond the act of climbing and that’s a lot of what Leslie want’s to highlight. Being a climber can mean a lot of things for a lot of different reasons to a lot of different people but, it’s all built on the hinge of the love of the sport and that’s exactly what Leslie wants Dynamite Starfish to amplify.

In this episode of Built On Passion Leslie Kim shares what kinds of roadblocks she faced in starting Dynamite Starfish (but, physical and mental), the uncomfortable nuances of crossing over into the entrepreneurial world, and how she managed to come out on top, and her ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind building Dynamite Starfish

Sep 21, 2021

Matt sits down with FireCreek Snacks co-founder Dustin Riechmann. FireCreek Snacks makes super tasty all-natural snack sticks with better-for-you-ingredients.

Dustin has been a long-time entrepreneur. He’s had a lot of success and really hopped into a lot of different positions along his journey. FireCreek Snacks came together in a wave of serendipity when Dustin met his co-founder Ryan Hansen. When the two of them had met Dustin had an opportunity to explore a lot of different areas of starting a business and was getting increasingly interested in marketing. Ryan on the other hand had a dynamite beef jerky and vast culinary prowess. The combination of them coming together help make FireCreek Snacks one of the best options of snack sticks for anyone who doesn’t want to compromise quality for taste (or vice versa). Not only did they manage to balance each other's skillsets out perfectly, but they also came together to make a better snack that has people keep coming back.

In this episode of Built on Passion Dustin Riechmann shares how he and his partner joined forced to build FireCreek Snacks, what it took to craft their product and truly stand out in an industry with a lot of noise, and the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind starting FireCreek Snacks

Sep 15, 2021

Matt sits down with Routine co-founder Jake Rhodes. Routine makes daily supplements to help you get into your routine, develop healthy habits, and start the day off right.

Jake might be what you would call a serial entrepreneur but, of his colorful career of building businesses, Routine is something that particularly hit home for him and his co-founder and wife, Erin Rhodes. They didn’t have to dig too deep. It started by simply looking at their daily routine and just asking the simple question of ‘how can we make this better?’ 

The answer was taking something that they did every day, that was simple, that primed them to start the day off right and simplify it. For Erin and Jake and many many people hydration is exactly that; more specifically, hydrating with the concoction of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and Himalayan sea salt. This might seem like a simple recipe on its own but,, when you introduce the chaos and unexpected turns of life getting in the way, it can be harder to keep up with the routine. That’s exactly what Jake and Erin sought to remedy in creating Routine. Taking these simple yet extremely impactful rituals like hydration and fueling up and making them simplified, streamlined, and bulletproof when life gets a little hectic. Moreover, creating a product that is healthy, natural, and a better take across the board on a tried and true ritual that can have such a positive impact on how your day unfolds.

In this episode of Built On Passion Jake Rhodes shares his experience in creating his flagship product the mourning routine, how, and the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind starting Routine.

Sep 7, 2021

Matt sits down with Gozney founder Tom Gozney. Gonzey makes extremely high-quality innovative ovens designed to not just make fantastic pizza but give you the opportunity to maximize your culinary efforts right in your backyard.

Tom’s path to starting Gozney was not at all linear and far from easy but, there’s a consistent theme that followed him through the ups and downs; determination. It all started when his passion for cooking led him to build a pizza oven. What started out as a fun project to keep his hands busy, quickly began to snowball and grow, leading him to build oven after oven. Home oven builds lead to restaurant builds and eventually to push beyond the limits and dream up a way to give everyone the opportunity to have access to a pizza oven and enjoy its versatility to make some truly incredible meals. 

They’ve had some seriously notable partnerships with some well-known chefs and frequently put out recipes to help get you inspired. Tom’s vision for building Gozney isn’t solely to dream up and make innovative products; he aims to break down the barrier of cooking and baking and help people enjoy it as much as he does. Despite the rampant growing success, building Gozney wasn’t exactly all sunshine and bubble gum. A lot of its success relied on Tom’s tenacity to keep getting up and moving forward, and his passion to see his vision through.

In this episode of Built On Passion Tom Gozney shares what led him to start Gozney and the lead up to its now global footprint, a better look at how he developed Gozney’s latest product, and his ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind starting Gozney

Aug 31, 2021

Matt sits down with PNW Bushcraft co-founder Heather Saulsbury. PNW Bushcraft makes outdoor gear specifically for bushcraft but, even bigger than that, they give their customers the tools to have the most fun in the outdoors.

Heather built PNW Bushcraft with her co-founder and husband out of a hobby and passion that grew like wildfire after she began to make gear and sell it on Etsy (it sounds like a simple progression but, when I say they attacked this thing and won, that’s a huge understatement). As the dynamic duo dug deeper into the industry they slowly expanded their product line, doing countless R & D testing, and even began to host meetups, demonstrations, and workshops. One of the bigger things Heather’s been trying to tackle is to open up the outdoors to women and encourage them to learn new skills, and just become comfortable when roughing it. The Outdoor Industry has been marketed as a boys club but, the barriers that exist aren’t solid and Heather wants to break them down once and for all for women and really anyone who wants to get outside and have some fun but, might not know where to start. You don’t need to be perfect or do things flawlessly, you just need to be safe and have fun, and that’s exactly the message Heather wants to promote!

In this episode of Built On Passion Heather Saulsbury walks us through how PNW Bushcraft got started and the steps to grow to where they are now, how she’s been building and nurturing a wave of wild women getting into the outdoors, and her how & why behind starting PNW Bushcraft.

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